Russian aggression against Ukraine

Today, the entire population of Ukraine has united in the fight against Russia, and the Manus Dei Foundation is no exception.

We continue our work and ask you to join our cause.

We firmly believe that only by joint efforts will we be able to stop Russian aggression. The whole world has united today to support Ukraine, and you can help us in this fight.

Our foundation has never opened collections for donations before, since help has always come only from our own earnings and the earnings of our partners and friends!

Now the number of applications for help outweighs our real possibilities, so we are reaching out to people from all over the world. Together we can win this war! And let there be a peaceful sky above everyone’s head!

Sincerely, Manus Dei International Charitable Foundation

The funds donated will go towards:
⁃ Needs of the Ukrainian army
⁃ Transportation of humanitarian aid
⁃ Shelters for those who were treated at home or left it because of the war
⁃ Fuel
⁃ Food
⁃ Medicines
⁃ Baby care products
⁃ Clothes

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The realities of the medical system in Vinnytsia region


Manus Dei continues to fight equipment shortages in Ukraine.


New equipment for Murovani Kurilovtsy


ICF “Manus Dei” transferred the hematology analyzer


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Charitable foundations of Ukraine. You are not alone

In order to become a component of domestic charity and together change the future, we have created a charitable foundation “MANUS DEI”, which has united people with caring hearts and sincere love for Ukraine.

Charitable organizations Kiev:

The foundation began its work in December 2017, and already has a number of completed projects in providing medical equipment, reconstruction and repair of hospital premises. We are also developing targeted assistance to mothers who are raising children on their own, and children with disabilities.

The main goal of the MANUS DEI foundation is to work to ensure that any adult or child in Ukraine can receive decent medical care in a timely manner. I am sure that a happy, strong nation begins not with the offices of officials and passive hopes for a happy future, but with each of us.

Join the MANUS DEI team today – and you will see that tomorrow the world around you will change for the better!

Our contacts

Ukraine, Kyiv, Heroiv Stalingrada Avenue 10-A,

Pavilion 2, office37