Over the past year, Ukraine has got more charitable foundations: in the World Giving Index, our country has risen by 16 positions

Every third resident of the country donates funds to charity. Every second person helps strangers or gives alms. In the World Giving Index, the country has climbed 16 positions. What is the reason for the desire of our compatriots to help their neighbors, and how can this help be made more effective?

New traditions of charity

Ukrainians are active people, do not expect mercy from the tsar-father – they do everything themselves. The events of recent years have demonstrated this especially clearly. When in 2014 the country was on the verge of collapse, when it became clear that no state institutions would cope with the situation, civil society responded. People stopped being afraid of responsibility and began to take the initiative themselves. A powerful volunteer movement emerged, the result of which became obvious to society. Hence the high rating of trust in volunteers and individuals.

With the outbreak of hostilities, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation immediately reacted to the situation – from strategic long-term tasks it switched to solving humanitarian issues. The main one is to help people survive and provide them with timely assistance. Evacuation, resettlement, medicines, urgent operations, psychological support, food assistance – a number of unique projects have emerged aimed at saving lives. A lot of experience has been accumulated, which the Fund is ready to share now.

In 2014, a lot of new charitable initiatives were born in Ukraine, which to this day bring a lot of benefit to society. In many of these organizations, I see a lot of energy, ambitious goals and great potential that cannot always be fully revealed due to the lack of effective work algorithms. Fortunately, these organizations do not need to wait for this experience to be gained, as there is an opportunity to improve their performance today.

Cheat sheet for a benefactor

Today, in order to improve the effectiveness of charity, it is necessary to stop pretending that it bears no resemblance to business. In fact, these systems are very similar. Finance, people management, collaboration with partners, planning, purchasing, logistics – all these need to be borrowed and transferred to the charitable sphere. A lot of caring people, specialists in their field are involved in it. For example, doctors, teachers, social workers. They perfectly support the energy and desire to help, they know how to build the right relationships with the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, this is only half the success. Lack of managerial experience often does not allow achieving high, and most importantly, visible results. Therefore, in addition to empaths, the team should also include specialists in management, planning and project management. They are needed in order to efficiently organize processes and provide them with adequate resources in a timely manner, so that assistance is provided when it is needed by someone who needs it. So if you want to improve the efficiency of your charity, look at how a similar business works. This is the best cheat sheet.

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