“MANUS DEI” made its contribution to the fight against cancer ” – Chairman of the charitable foundation Andriy Dotsenko

The statistics is relentless: today more than one million Ukrainians are sick with cancer, in just one year, doctors record more than 160 thousand new cases of the disease. Every day 450 people learn about the diagnosis, which will be a severe test for them. People from all over Ukraine come to the National Cancer Institute to receive qualified medical care and begin the struggle for life. The Institute today is the main state institution in the field of fighting cancer, on issues of radiation therapy and diagnostics, nuclear medicine. The examination is carried out here with the help of modern medical equipment, but numerous RCI premises require major repairs.

In order to make the stay of the Institute’s visitors comfortable, ICF “MANUS DEI” completely renovated the hall of the consultative clinic, which receives hundreds of people every day. The heads of the charitable foundation, director of research and development work Elena Kolesnik, head of the polyclinic department Arkady Vysotsky and oncologist chemotherapist Alexander Shepil opened the reconstructed hall of the polyclinic yesterday and signed acts of work performed. “Even a healthy person who has been in a room with an uncomfortable temperature for a long time can get sick, and the immunity of the clinic visitors is already weakened by the disease.

The MANUS DEI team did everything to make it warm and cozy here in autumn and winter: the ceiling was insulated, the walls were leveled and painted, new lighting was installed, metal-plastic windows were installed, new radiators, internal and external doors “- commented the director of ICF MANUS DEI ”Andrey Parkhomenko, who oversaw the project.

During his speech, the chairman of ICF MANUS DEI, Andrei Dotsenko, focused the attention of the audience on the feelings of people who come to NCI: “In addition to the time frame in the fight against oncology, the emotional state of a person, his attitude to diagnosis and readiness to fight for life are no less important. Therefore, it is necessary that an atmosphere of reliability and stability be felt in the premises of the Cancer Institute, and when a person finds himself in a dark, cold casemate, he will never feel that he can be helped here. When I first came to the main oncological center of the country and saw what condition it was in, I was extremely outraged that a medical institution in the center of Europe could be in such condition.

Our team made the decision to reconstruct the polyclinic immediately, the necessary amount of money was accumulated, the director of the fund Andrey Parkhomenko was appointed as the project curator, and after 48 hours the construction crews started working – today we have reported on the completed project with a pure heart.

I am sure: a person’s recovery begins with hope, treatment – from the doors of a medical institution, and a healthy nation – not from the offices of officials, but from each of us. It is the empathy and willingness to help others that makes a person a person, and gives a chance to develop their native country. “