ICF “MANUS DEI” together with Charitable Foundation “Help Bank” transferred another modern respiratory resuscitator for premature babies – this time “NeoPuff TM RD-900” will save the lives of babies in Sumy

In most European countries, the costs of caring for premature babies are covered by the state – in Ukraine, absolutely all the costs fall on the shoulders of the parents. According to the protocols of the Ministry of Health, the care of a premature baby born before 28 weeks is 18 thousand hryvnias per day: this includes medicines, consumables, a doctor’s salary.

Based on these figures, it is difficult to overestimate the significance of Ekaterina Sadova’s charity project “BDayVyklyk: first breath”, aimed at purchasing vital devices for premature babies “NeoPuff TM RD-900”.

The next city to receive equipment under the initiative was Sumy, the regional clinical perinatal center, which serves 18 districts and all pregnancies and births with complications or risks to the life of the mother or child.

Thanks to “NeoPuff TM RD-900” children will be provided with the necessary respiratory support directly in the delivery room, without wasting precious time and minimizing the risk of various complications. This progressive method has long been used in other countries; now Sumy doctors have the opportunity to use “NeoPuff” in Ukraine, and babies who weighed 500-700 grams at birth will get a chance at life.

“I am proud that the MANUS DEI Charitable Foundation, together with “Help Bank”, has acquired another respiratory resuscitator as part of the “BDayVyklyk: First Breath project”. In June of this year, we handed over the device to the regional perinatal center in Vinnytsia, and now we are handing it over to Sumy. I’m sure that thanks to Neopuff, future doctors, teachers, musicians, scientists and just good people will take their first breath – and recently such little ones were doomed! ” – commented the Chairman of the ICF “MANUS DEI” Andrei Dotsenko.