ICF “MANUS DEI” donated special equipment for diagnostics to the Kanev central regional hospital

The modern SmartLyte electrolyte analyzer allows to determine quickly and very accurately exactly how many electrolytes are in the patient’s blood, urine, plasma or serum. The device diagnoses 5 main electrolytes (potassium, calcium, sodium, chlorine, lithium), works quickly and processes 60 analyzes per hour. Moreover, it is as mobile as possible, compact and weighs only 6 kilograms.

The management of the Kanev Central District Hospital, which serves 44,000 people, has been asking city officials and concerned people for several years to get such a device. After all, it is the SmartLyte electrolyte analyzer that is a key step in biochemical research for both severely ill patients and for outpatients.

It is of particular importance for people who are in intensive care, patients with heart or kidney failure. Thanks to the device, accurate test results will be ready within an hour, and a person who is sick will be able to start treatment faster, because timely and high-quality diagnostics is the key to a speedy recovery!