A large forum was held in Kiev on the introduction of medical reform and mechanisms for its improvement

On November 7, Kiev hosted a forum “Medical reform: Mission (Im)Possible”, during which MPs, experts, public activists, doctors and heads of charitable foundations discussed the problems of introducing medical reform and were looking for an answer to the key question – when there will be high-quality and affordable medicine in Ukraine.

As the founder of the NGO “Innovation Leadership Foundation” Andrey Dotsenko, who was the organizer of the forum, noted, the first steps of the medical reform caused a lot of rumors, discussions and manipulations. Some are optimistic that everything will work out and that medicine in Ukraine will be of high quality and affordable, others are pessimistic and put forward their own arguments.

Therefore, the key goal of the forum was an attempt to understand the mission of medical reform and the mechanisms that now prevent Ukrainians from receiving quality service in hospitals.

Among the speakers are MPs Olga Bogomolets and Sergey Melnichuk, experts Andrey Dotsenko, Larisa Lavrenyuk, Konstantin Naduty, Valentina Markevich, Oleg Panasenko, Daniel Karabaev, Andrey Kharkov, Vasily Apasov.

Each of them, at his own discretion, commented on the medical reform, and the general conclusion was that the law was adopted and must be implemented. However, this does not mean that one should stand aside and observe numerous non-working moments in the legislation. On the contrary, it is necessary to hold relevant information events, organize working discussions, hold round tables in order to improve the reform and achieve the mission, which is that medicine in Ukraine finally becomes high-quality and affordable for all people, and not only for the elite and the strong of this world.

As noted at the beginning of the event, representatives of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service of Ukraine were officially invited to take part in the forum, however, due to the busy schedule, the management could not join, although they noted the importance of the event.

Andrei Dotsenko, the founder of the “Innovation Leadership Foundation” and the ICF “MANUS DEI”, noted that he believes in medical reform. At the same time, he believes that the experts, public organizations and charitable foundations that actively help medical institutions in order to improve the situation in the medical field should help the state, but in no case replace its functions.

The organizers also promised that such events will be held in a number of Ukrainian cities in order to strengthen the information and communication campaign regarding medical reform and bring the topic traditionally considered behind the scenes to a new level.