All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds: why it is good

For the first time, Ukraine held the All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds or Giving Tuesday.

This is a huge step in the development of domestic charity, which will help it move to a qualitatively new level. Away from the feeling of pity and trivial PR technologies, forward to inspiration and synergy.

Now the All-Ukrainian Day of Good Deeds has its own place of honor in the calendar.

Giving Tuesday itself was founded in America in 2012, and is one of the events taking place in conjunction with the well-known Thanksgiving Day: the idea of the holiday was so liked by people from different countries that today it is supported by 154 countries.

It is a good sign that Ukraine has joined them. Since independence, this is the first international charitable project in which our country takes part. This was not prevented by the fact that Ukraine was noted in the international rating as one of the countries with the least economic freedom; nor the fact that it appeared in the list of starving countries, or in the TOP 10 most unhappy countries according to Bloomberg …

The country is alive as long as its culture is alive. While people, despite their own hardships of struggle for survival, are still ready to share, join efforts for the benefit of those in need and change the surrounding reality. Change slowly. Change, starting with themselves.

We are growing up rapidly, overcoming struggles that our country has everywhere you go. We make mistakes, draw conclusions and learn kindness, reviving the ability to feel. We get used to the fact that the ability not to be indifferent is not a weakness, but indicates a developed, civilized society. We begin to talk about our good deeds, what has been done and how much remains to be done. Gradually we get to know the diversity of charity and the opportunities to join changing the world around us for the better. We learn to make an effort and share what we can: not only money, clothing, food or medicine, but our own time, professional skills, ideas and inspiration.

Of course, we have a long way ahead of us, therefore, when it will be especially difficult, it is important to remember the words of the organizers and ideologists of Giving Tuesday that for one day the whole world (!) unites in order to do good.

According to the concept of Giving Tuesday, everyone who joins it becomes its co-founders: people can fulfill themselves within the framework of this holiday and do good at their own discretion, as they please, throughout the year. There are no requirements as to how and in what form good deeds should be implemented, but it is noteworthy that Giving Tuesday develops differently in different countries.

Nevertheless, the key point is precisely cooperation, collaboration, because a person alone cannot sit in a room, generate ideas, innovations and implement them in life. Like-minded people are needed. For example, one organization gives another its list of donors, and another gives it the opportunity to use its social network. In a way, it’s like parenting – two unite and, as a result, something new is born out of their union.

The main idea of Giving Tuesday is to create a global community of philanthropists in the broadest sense of the word. And then the questions about whether it is necessary to share information, resources, and so on will cease to be relevant.

Time will show how it will develop in Ukraine.

Perhaps, over time, activities will move more towards financial donations to charities and crowdfunding platforms, or towards mass events that attract a large number of people of various professions and income levels.

Kindness really has many faces and opportunities for manifestation – but judging by the fact that Ukraine feels more and more confident in the most negative ratings, domestic charity, I think, will concentrate on the financial plane for a long time in order to cover the basic needs of Ukrainians.

Medicines, medical equipment and the possibility of expensive treatment in order to save people’s lives – these needs will occupy first place in the domestic TOP charity rating for a long time to come.

In second place is aid to orphans and boarding schools, large families, low-income families, elderly and single people – as experience shows, they remain the most vulnerable part of the population.

These are Ukrainian realities.

And according to research in recent years, in ten European countries, private donations amounted to 24 billion euros. About half of this amount is in the UK, followed by Germany (4 billion euros), and Spain with the lowest (574 million euros).

As the experience of Europeans shows, they help in different ways.

The countries with the highest number of residents making private donations are the Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland. In Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, international and humanitarian aid is a priority. In France and Spain, they help, first of all, “fellow citizens in difficult situations”: in France, 37% of all donations go to infrastructure social projects, in Spain – to fight poverty and programs to help children. In the Netherlands and the UK, almost half of all donations go to the church, with the second most relevant donation area being medicine.

Do not forget that the institution of charity and corporate responsibility in Europe and the United States has long become an integral part of society and the mentality of their residents.

In Ukraine, however, these concepts in the correct understanding are just emerging – and we ourselves are their creators.

Source – https://24tv.ua/vseukrainskiy_den_dobryih_del_pochemu_eto_horosho_n1071733?fbclid=IwAR3D3mnM3vZyNSelEG_blyoDynhqVRjlepYHoyXROXfkSUVai1mHQHm8rL4