Let’s not forget that COVID-19 is not the only diagnosis, there are more as frightening as this one.

Recently, at the office of our charitable foundation “Manus Dei”, we had an interesting conversation with colleagues on the topic of: “How has the pandemic affected charity?”

All of our team said as one: “Of course, positively: COVID-19 awakened humanity in people.”

Since the beginning of March, more than a dozen Ukrainian businessmen have turned to us with a desire to donate funds for the purchase of ventilators (devices that make it possible to support the vital activity of critically ill patients diagnosed with COVID-19).

There are very few global companies and brands that did not embark on the warpath against the virus.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates donated $ 100 million, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $ 35 million and the list goes on and on.

People are donating for various reasons: to support vaccine research, to buy ventilators etc.

Source: https://life.pravda.com.ua/columns/2020/08/7/241899/