The realities of the medical system in Vinnytsia region

For 50 years, residents of Murovany-Kurilovtsy and neighboring districts (Vinnytsia region) have to wait for urgent operations from 3 days to a week due to a lack of equipment in the hospital.

The KNP Murovanokurilovetskaya CRL employs 25 people and treats more than 60,000 patients a year. But since its opening, the hospital has no electrolyte analyzer – equipment that performs blood tests and helps determine the condition of the human body. People are forced to take tests at their own expense in a paid laboratory and wait for several days even in urgent situations when an operation is urgently needed, since tests are sent to Vinnitsa only once a week.

It is not the first time that the Murovanokurilovets hospital has turned to the Manus Dei MBF with a request for help. The team of our foundation has already brought an ultrasound machine, a biochemical analyzer, a 4-channel coagulometer and a digitizer for X-ray images to the hospital.

Thanks to ICF “Manus Dei”, a new automatic electrolyte analyzer has been added to the list of equipment that helps diagnose diseases and prevent their development.