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Charity. The mission of the foundation

Charity for everyone has its own face and manifestation. Each person determines for himself the possible limits of influence on someone else’s fate, and even the smallest grain of good that you decide to share with the society around you, can be a lifeline for drowning in daily mortal difficulties.

Charitable Foundation Kyiv – Manus Day

Unfortunately, life is so fast that often we just do not have time to help, even when we have a sincere desire. That is why Kyiv’s charity has taken new development. Every day we strive to become better, to develop technologies of assistance, to expand information borders, so that everyone who needs help can get it on time and to the maximum extent. Our charitable foundation also considers it an important mission to facilitate the information about vulnerable groups from all over Ukraine, so that assistance is easier not only to receive but also to provide.

Charity Kiev – Mission of the Foundation

Our charitable foundation Kiev – MANUS DEI, has a mission to hide children with disabilities from the misfortune established for various reasons, and mothers raising their children alone. It is single mothers and children with various diseases who need external support and help. Unfortunately, today in our country their number is greater than the state can provide for. Social benefits are so small that they are barely enough for basic necessities, let alone expensive treatment, which often requires international medical inclusion.

Благотворительная помощь

Helping children is our faith

Every day, the MANUS DEI team faces life’s difficulties and tragedies that knock on completely different doors. Also, every day we face the power that lies in the eyes of mothers, the hope that children’s hearts radiate, and the kindness that people with kind hearts give. Today, everyone can help children in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, or open their souls to a single mother whose hands are already falling. We give everyone a chance to be heart-full, open and understanding and we believe that you will not miss it. We believe that finally, Ukrainians will stop scolding politics and relying on the help of others, and everyone will simply start living in a new way, will start building a future in which mutual assistance, compassion and understanding will become the main companions. We believe that together, we will create a society in which hope will always live, and even in the darkest times for one person, ten will come to the rescue, simply because it is right, simply because each of us can.