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Help for children with disabilities

Now the Manus Dei Charitable Foundation is developing activities aimed at supporting children with disabilities.

The foundation helps with the purchase of special medical equipment for children with disabilities. Also provides targeted financial assistance and participates in projects aimed at making the lives of such children more comfortable and brighter.

What is “help for children with disabilities”, or what adults can do?

One of the most vulnerable categories of the country’s population are babies, who need comprehensive help and support from birth. If the child has serious health problems, the situation becomes more complicated. Government payments and non-financial support are sometimes unable to cover the costs of parents’ treatment, rehabilitation and care. Therefore, charitable assistance to children is something that the youngest members of our society always need. We invite you to join the Manus Del Foundation and make a significant contribution to the future of children and our country.

As practice shows, children with disabilities are unbelievably talented. But the lack of proper treatment, the most necessary medicines, means and devices of rehabilitation often prevent them from fully showing their abilities, to form and develop as individuals. The help to children provided by our charitable foundation is a something that will help change the situation for the better. We hope to find many like-minded people who care about the fate of our offspring.

Highlights of helping children with disabilities

The activities of the Manus Del Charitable Foundation are completely transparent. The funds raised are used to purchase the latest medical equipment for European-style hospitals, which is then transferred to specific hospitals and rehabilitation centers – where children need it the most. Thanks to strict reporting, you can control at any time where and to what extent the funds were spent.

In addition, assistance to children with disabilities includes:

  • purchase of high-precision diagnostic equipment;
  • organization of developmental classes;
  • provision of social services;
  • free assistance in the child’s adaptation to society;
  • construction of specialized playgrounds, parks;
  • solving issues with effective treatment and rehabilitation (purchase of expensive or rare medicines, targeted assistance in paying for complex operations, etc.).

Despite the planned state funding of hospitals and rehabilitation centers, the amounts allocated from the budget are not enough for full-fledged re-equipment and purchase of new devices. Therefore, the modernization of hospitals is another important point in the activities of our foundation.