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Help for single mothers

Despite the fact that this year the amount of financial assistance to such mothers is gradually increasing due to the growth of the subsistence level, families in which women raise children on their own are still among the most vulnerable segments of the population.
Therefore, the charitable foundation “Manus Dei” is developing its activities, aimed at targeted support for mothers who raise children on their own.

Help for single mothers: what support do women who have to raise their children on their own need?

Among the least protected categories of the adult population of our country are mothers who, due to circumstances, are forced to raise one or more children alone. The size of the state payments provided by the legislation leaves much to be desired: it is difficult to get the most necessary for the kid on that amount, not to mention buying good food, means of hygiene, clothes and footwear. If the child has health problems – the situation becomes very difficult. Such a baby requires constant care and attention, as well as considerable funds for treatment, which the mother sometimes has nowhere to get.

The help given to single mothers by our charity is a reliable assistance for women who have no one to count on in this life. Together we can change the situation for the better!

What single mothers need: important nuances that few know about

It sometimes seems to people that there are many ways to get support from government programs. However, for those who face this in practice, it immediately becomes clear that this is not enough.

Our help for single mothers covers various aspects of life and work, and includes:

  • issuance of medicines and hygiene products necessary for the baby;
  • purchase of rehabilitation equipment for children in need (hearing aids, artificial prostheses, wheelchairs with convenient controls, etc.);
  • assistance in purchasing basic household items (stroller, crib, etc.);
  • providing a number of social services that help the baby to develop, adapt in society, etc.
  • help with housing, psychological support.

Anyone can join the activities of our charitable foundation.