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Each of us at least once in his life has applied to state medical institutions. For a lot of people, the unsatisfactory conditions of hospitals and medical equipment don’t allow them to come back to those hospitals. Others are faced with more serious problems, such as a lack of essential drugs and a complete lack of modern devices. All this leads to the need to go to private clinics or go abroad. But is this a way out? Is it right to run away from problems by shifting responsibility to the “neighbor”? Of course, medicine in Ukraine is in a deplorable state, but it is in our power to correct the situation and build a decent system of medical care in the country with our own hands.

Charity with “Manus Dei”

Charitable foundation “Manus Dei” has a wide web of charitable activities in Ukraine. We make every effort to provide assistance to people in difficult life circumstances. Having devoted many years to helping people, including those who suffer from various diseases, which simply cannot be cured in our country, we have made a responsible decision to integrate charitable assistance directly into medical services.

At the moment, thanks to the help of caring Ukrainians, we have already implemented several projects that increase the level of medical care. Thanks to that it became possible to carry out early diagnosis of a number of diseases using modern equipment in many hospitals,  and medications, on which someone’s life can depend every day, began to replenish the shelves of hospitals.

Don’t be left out

Contacting medical professionals is a mandatory procedure for everyone, even a healthy person. Today, quality service, correct examination and comprehensive treatment in Ukraine can only be provided by paid medicine. Not every Ukrainian can afford to pay for it. If you want to receive quality medical care and provide it for your children, help yourself to do this along with charity, because helping yourself begins with helping others. Only together can we create new medical services.

Manus Dei selects and develops assistance programs that can bring maximum benefit and provide urgent assistance where it is most expected. Provision of hospitals is our fight against complex diseases that develop and destroy human lives due to poorly equipped public hospitals, difficulties in early diagnosis, and a lack of medicines. Only by destroying the root of the problem can we win many battles against disease.

We are sure that there is no such thing as other people’s misfortune and need. It is necessary to solve the problem before it touches you, and today we are fighting for decent medicine in all corners of the country. We have talented doctors, worthy active young specialists and, unfortunately, the need for technical renewal and financial funding. Let’s create the future together, because if every Ukrainian makes a minimum of efforts, the country will achieve the maximum, and we will receive the medical care we deserve.