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We face with the need to provide material, medical and other assistance to people suffering from serious diseases and  that are unable to receive quality medical care in Ukraine. Why is this happening? Unfortunately, public hospitals are in a depressing state, and today you can only get the necessary medical care, carry out examinations and perform complex operations in paid private clinics or abroad. Most Ukrainians cannot afford these options.

Every day, our charitable foundation fights for the lives of children and adults, providing charitable assistance. Every day, thanks to those who care, who are ready to contribute whatever help they can, someone gets a chance for life. But is it right to try to “clean up” the consequences of our not perfect health care system and ignore the very root of the problem?

“MANUS DEI”. We look at the root of the problem

Charitable Foundation “MANUS DEI” unites young ambitious people who are ready to change the world here and now. During the year of its existence, our team has implemented many projects and helped hundreds of people who today received their well-deserved chance for a happy future. An important role in our activity is played by medical programs that cover the problem of the universal need for high-quality medical care in Ukraine.

Medicine in Ukraine today

For many years, the problems of national medicine were pushed into the background, and in our time we are reaping the fruits of a poorly nurtured system. Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health is making a lot of efforts to rehabilitate public hospitals, restore the quality of service and improve the qualifications of doctors, progress is moving in small steps. Together with this, we are losing precious time and human lives. It is in order for the system of medical care in the country to rise to the proper level faster, the “MANUS DEI” is active.

Medical programs of “MANUS DEI”

It is very important to provide assistance in a rational manner, which is why a whole team of professionals develops assistance programs for public medical institutions. We carefully study the needs of hospitals, offer various options for care and try to be where there is no hope to give a ray of goodness and light by contributing to the provision of hospitals with the necessary medicines, equipment, and improvement of hospital infrastructure. Everyone should clearly accept that healthcare cannot cope with the number and level of problems in medicine existing today, and there is no longer time to shift our responsibility to the government  because by staying on the sidelines, we may simply not be in time …

We direct aid in the right direction and we want every hospital to be able to provide medical guarantees to everyone. Our work is impossible without your participation, because the provision of assistance is possible only thanks to caring Ukrainians. “MANUS DEI” unites those who need help and those who are ready to provide it. Our principles of work are based on honesty, openness, transparency, compassion and other qualities that allow us to make the world around each of us better every day. Do not stand aside and help the society to bear a heavy, but such an important burden of responsibility before itself and before the future of the whole country.