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I often get asked why have my team and I started doing charity?

I answer: It makes me sad, that in Ukraine almost all business processes live on their own and are not designed for good deeds to be at least partially integrated into business.

Wise people say: If you want to change the world, start with yourself

In order to join the good deeds and together change the future of Ukraine we have created a charitable foundation “MANUS DEI” that has united a lot of people with caring hearts and true love to their country.

The Foundation started working in December 2017 and has already done a great many actions to provide people with superb medical equipment as well as properly renovated medical equipment. Right now, we are also working on providing personal help to single mothers and children with disabilities.

The main objective of “Manus Dei” Foundation is to make sure that any adult or child in Ukraine can have decent medical care.

I am convinced that a happy and strong nation starts not in the offices of politicians and looking for a better future, but from each of us. Join us and see for yourself that goodness doesn’t require superhuman efforts.

Compassion and love to people will be enough.