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Our Values

A charitable foundation is not just an environment for providing assistance to certain segments of the population, it is a place that gives hope, gives warmth and care, so that everyone has a chance for a happy and healthy, in every sense of the word, life. The ecosystem of our charitable foundation is based on inviolable principles and values, in which we sincerely believe ourselves and in which we help others to believe. It is with them that charitable help begins, only by feeling and accepting the true values ​​of life can you become happy and help someone else find happiness.

What do Kiev charitable foundations help to value

When a person turns to strangers for help, it seems to him that everything that is necessary is material goods – medicine, clothing, food or a roof over his head. You cannot blame those in need for this, because when it comes to survival, thinking of moral and spiritual values is not always possible. Ukraine’s charity funds are the stronghold of kindness that allows them to remember the most important thing and find values that help them rise, even when the forces seem to have left.

What do we value

During its existence, “Manus Dei” Foundation has put together a number of values that help us create perfect atmosphere. They motivate others to commit at least one good deed, and most importantly, they allow everyone to understand – “You are not alone.”

Anyone who wants to receive help, or provide it by coming to us, should know that we have a firm position, which our entire team adheres to.

  • The first value that we cherish is love for each person, regardless of his social, moral or physical condition. It is true love in the heart that leads to the desire to help.
  • The second value is faith in God. Only when your heart is filled with faith you are able to step over all obstacles and lend a helping hand to those in need. Faith is not the goal itself, faith is a true companion in achieving balance and harmony.
  • We also believe that charity Ukraine should become as transparent as possible. It is because of the large number of structures with incomprehensible schemes of work that many people lose their desire to help. We know for sure that only by being completely transparent and open to everyone, no matter whether you come to receive help or seek to provide it, we will be able to build a fundamentally new society.
  • Our team and the solidarity that allows us to comprehensively provide a variety of targeted assistance is our unconditional pride and value. Only through joint efforts can we perform small deeds that help people take big steps in this life.

We appreciate the interest and sparkle in your eyes. We appreciate it when help comes from a pure heart, and we want everyone to know that in order to change someone’s fate, sometimes it is enough to be not indifferent. That the benefits that each of us has are something special for those in need, and also that by sharing goodness and love we ourselves do not become poorer, but only enrich ourselves.