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Provision of medical equipment

The situation with medical care in Ukraine is depressing. According to statistics, in big cities less than 7% of Ukrainians can afford high-quality, timely and comfortable services in private medical institutions.

The rest – adults and children – become hostages of domestic medicine and the intricacies of medical reform. Outside the capital, the health care situation is on the brink of disaster.

In case of emergency, a resident of a remote village will not wait for the ambulance to arrive and will not receive the necessary assistance due to the fact that the only car that has served a number of settlements and seventy thousand people for almost thirty years has finally broken down. The state has no money to buy a new car.

Everyone knows that timely diagnosis helps to identify the disease at an early stage or even prevent it. The issue of the lack of modern medical equipment is relevant not only for the regions, but also for central hospitals, which attract people from all over Ukraine. For example, just one portable ultrasound machine for children can cover hundreds of young patients and they do not have to wait in line and waste the time required to make a diagnosis.

The provision of special equipment is a priority for the “Manus Dei” charity fund in a situation where people cannot receive the necessary medical care.

What we have already done in this regard can be found in the “Projects” section.